A 21 old woman came to see me

She was in a bad way, very sad, very anxious. She couldn’t look up at all, didn’t make eye contact with me and kept fiddling with her fingers.

As an NLP master practitioner, I follow the SCORE style of questioning when I first meet my clients.  S stands for symptoms, C for causes, O for outcome R for resources and E stands for the possible effect on my client’s life when succeeding to achieve the desired outcome and transform the issue they came to see me with.

The resources question amounts to asking my clients to give me a list of their talents, good qualities and their best characteristics. It’s a hard question to answer if one is in a state of anxiety or feeling low, most say they don’t think they are good at anything. However, this young woman, without any hesitation, said: “I am very enthusiastic.” She said it without looking up.

We did the hypnosis and I gave her an MP3 recording of the session, to practice with and listen to at bedtime every night at bedtime until our next meeting. We arranged to meet for the second session two weeks later.

She arrived to the session very excited. She couldn’t stop talking with huge amount of energy, telling me, in details, what happened to her in the past two weeks. We did the next session and I gave her a new audio to listen to at bedtime and suggested she alternate between the first and the second audio for the next two weeks.

Her natural enthusiasm was buried under her state of anxiety and with the help of the work we’ve done, she allowed herself to go back to her true self, her enthusiastic self.

When hypnosis works, it is like true magic.


I received my NLP master practitioner at ITS with Ian McDermott in 2005. I did that before I took the Hypnotherapy diploma course at Hypnotic World.  The NLP practitioner and Master practitioner courses lasted over a year at weekends. One weekend was dedicated to Forgiveness. Ian explained that the idea behind forgiving isn’t to have to tell the person you feel has wronged you that you have forgiven him/her. The idea is to clear the heavy emotions and traumas that have built up inside you, and made you unable to live a full life.

“One forgives for one self” we were told.

I raised my hand and I asked Ian, how could you possibly forgive the Nazis (my grandparents were gassed in Auschwitz) Ian looked at me… deep into my eyes and in a very calm voice said: because you can.

That was such a profound moment for me. All through my childhood I suffered my mother’s Trauma, which became mine. The fact that I was able to let it go, truly freed me.

The magic of self -hypnosis

5 years ago I had an open-heart surgery to replace my Aortic valve, which was faulty.  I had it done at Barts hospital in London on the National Health. It was a brutal operation and it took nine hours whilst I was attached to a life support machine. My Italian surgeon was fantastic and my Spanish and Polish nurses, wonderful. It’s amazing what they can do. My scar was five inches long and my surgeon actually apologized for giving me such a pronounced long scar.

At home I had to rest for 8 weeks. I was doing well and every night, before going to sleep I closed my eyes and visualized the scar getting smaller and smaller. I did the same every morning. I also used self -hypnosis to deal with the pain. As a hypnotherapist I totally believe in the ability for self -healing with the help of hypnosis and I know you could achieve a lot by practicing it.

9 weeks after my operation, I went for a check up at Barts. My Italian surgeon looked at my chest and said: “wow, where is the scar? What oil did you apply on it”? I told him I didn’t use any oil. He asked me what I did. I said:  “if I told you, you’d laugh”. He promised he wouldn’t. When I told him, he did laugh.

So there… the Medical profession resists, but I know Hypnotherapy can work magic.